Low silicon nodularizer

Low Silicon Nodulizer
GradeStandard component
Q.S.:quantum Sufficit; Appropriate

Low Silicon Nodulizer Characters

This kind of nodulizer is mainly composed of Magnesium, Rare Earth,Calcium, Barium and other special-purpose alloy elements and through the compound cold-formed. It has the advantage of low silicon content (3% -10%),  Accurate composition, granularity uniformity, low MgO content (Less than 0.3), easy to use and so on.

Particularly the characteristic of low silicon content, this product can be used alone, or used mix with the smelting of rare earth magnesium alloy at site for preparation of Medium silicon nodulizer with 15%-25% silicon content, which greatly improved the process flexibility. Under the premise of constant inoculation quantity, if use this Low Silicon Nodulizer, the foundry returns of high Silicon ductile iron can be use 80% or more in the production ductile iron, this can completely eliminate the problem of foundry returns overstocking, and improve properties of castings, reduce casting costs.

Standard grain size

(14-19)*(10-20)mm, or according to customer demand.


25Kgs plastic woven bags packed in tons jumbo plastic woven bags, or according to customer demand.